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Info Fruits:

they can best be understood as special set up mindsets that are sold by the Candy Shoppers Company to enable people having it easier accessing a specific role or service for crypto interaction. Most crypto companies and their services will just sell you a fraction of coins or full amount of coins. this isn't necessarily a bad thing. but its no longer necessary to interact with this technology anymore on isolated that lower level

So we came into the idea in building up own Role specific products that enable people having it easier finding their own settlement with this technology. the bitcoin technology is a proof of work thing. So why not contract specific working roles to live with this tech?

for example someone that will buy the miner product from the link below from us. starts to get contracted into thinking like a real axe mining guy earning money exactly through this type of work. we contract this further into the willing now from there on to invest into mining equipment for such a customer and the more they wanna get deeper into this the more it can result into someone new building a big mining pool company that especially runs the specific hardware in the future ;)

miner product

they are connected into our youtube channel as well and the sales data towards the channel can be found here

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