the companies selling history

the company came alive originally based on a whatsapp group by August 2014

what originally had just been a funny way to manage a circle of close contacts thing developed into the idea to build up a full solid company for it

but it started from nothing and the circle also broke up soon later

the group now empty with no one left but the founder of the group

but funds still running made from the group itself

it was decided to register it as a solid thing by October the 27th the year 2015

now officially running a business registration for this, new people came along forming new partnerships as well for the company and finding ways to grow it further

it took a few years until it had been decided to fusion it together with myneTEC cause of heavy crypto mining investments that did lead to a new approach for running things and that formed the myneTEC Group approach

since then the CEO found ways to automate the selling processes and replacing the CEOs role itself into better suited outsourced trading connectivity towards the general trading markets

this part is especially thanks to what bitcoins blockchain is enabling us in a decentralised way

today it is now an isolated thing that is contracted and intertwined realizing every selling aspects for the USD and exchanging it into the EUR towards the own developed products as the founding took place in Germany.

it is therefore not a typical classical shareholder company though, but something similar that is directly connected into this stormgain app approach also shown inside our reports page

this way its quite unique and build in an alternative way. what makes it quite special as well towards those own developed mindset products Candy Shoppers is offering to the customers that you will find in the shop section as well.

we hope you enjoy doing business with us and would looking forward to make your life a bit more tasty and pleasurable to live through them ;)

thx for reading through this till the end and have a nice and relaxed day

-Candy Shoppers

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