why does this scroll bar get stuck at the bottom all the time?

answer: because its not very smart to put into file sizes for web devel for backgrounds that exceeds 1 Mb in storage capacity candyshoppers still works with bitcoin in version 0.12.1

you know! and this is not offering higher blocksize for its transaction capability. and you may guessed it: sending the background image data to the customer in a server <--> client principle way is exactly such a transaction itself and it would never fit into bitcoins storage capacity for 1 block hence its obvious: the scroll bar will get lagy (problem fixed on 11th may 2021)

will there be more to offer on this page?

answer: The page was never meant to be such a big thing. more than the information sell and buy aspects and appropriate webshop + books solutions integration was never planed on installing here. but feel free to suggest new ideas for upcoming projects for this subdomain build we offering here in the meantime we wait till you come into a good one. Time wil tell.. you can contact us via: e-mail: CandyShoppers

-Candy Shoppers

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